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What is Aim & Engage?

“Take the stress out of the production and distribution process for the artists, allowing them to focus on making exceptional artwork.”

Aim & Engage is a private organization dedicated to the production of affordable artwork with the intention of delivering directly to your door.  Our focus is in putting our artists front and center of the spotlight, allowing them to tell their stories to a local and international audience.

How is Aim & Engage different?

One of our core business values is to engage people, not just in the artwork that we give a platform to but the people who create it.


All the artwork featured and sold through the Aim & Engage store comes with a personal glimpse into the nature of the art and artists themselves. Whether it be creation stories, tales about the processes and methods used to create their artwork, or musings about the inspirations and life of the artist, with every purchase, more of the artist’s life and personality are revealed.

We also offer other avenues for artists to make money through Aim & Engage. Download our company brief for more 



How does Aim & Engage work?


Through the Aim & Engage website, artists submit their artwork as well as their Stories. The artwork is then voted on by the Artists already licensed by Aim & Engage. Winners of the Aim Club vote will have their licensed artwork become Aim & Engage merchandise that we showcase on our web store.


Artists receive a commission for every item sold. People can purchase the merchandise directly from the store or become a monthly subscriber called Aim Patrons.

For every dollar that they assign to their monthly subscription through the website, they receive the same amount in the form of a voucher that can be redeemed on the Aim & Engage store. Patrons also receive discounts on all shipping prices, as well as other rewards such as exclusive exhibitions not available to the public (Note: This concept is still in development).

Image to the Left: Funky Chap with LuLu Ball

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