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Artist's Contracts Page


Before clicking next, please check your email to make sure that you have your exclusive password on hand to get access to the contracts. You will do the following things to become a fully licensed artist with Aim & Engage:

Confidentiality Agreement: Before accessing the Artist Merchandising Agreements, we need assurances that information in the agreement will be keep confidential to the best of your ability. This agreement will need to be signed and will last for a year

Image reproduction license for Merchandise: The main contract which will lay out all terms and conditions will need to be signed. This agreement will last for a year.

Artist's Stories page: As part of engaging our artists, you'll need to write out some stories for us. They will be attached to the merchandise we sent out. The more stories, the better.

All compulsory fields are required and you will not be able to proceed until all of them are filled. 

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